Application of corporate colors attracts consumers’ attention. At the associative level modern technology triggers only positive emotions. We work with the account of the nuances known only to professionals.

The following services are available for our customers:
  • Printing on banners (Frontlit, Backlit, Blackout).
  • Printing on films (matte, glossy, transparent).
  • Printing on paper (Blueback, city paper, photo paper).
  • Printing on mash.
  • Printing on false ceilings (woven base).
  • Printing on wallpaper (Vinyl wallpaper with fusible webbing base).
  • Printing on artificial and natural canvases.
  • Post-printing processing (firewall manufacturing, installing grommets, lamination, rolling on plastic, composite).

Large-format printing and post-printing processing producing authority works within 24 hours. For this reason the orders are executed within short timeframes.

The average timing of orders is from one to three days.

Post-printing processing

Welding, laminating, pasting PVC, composite, galvanization


Plotter cutting is the process of cutting out the image on the material. In most cases the material used is a color adhesive vinyl film (plotter film cutting).

Film cutting is executed along computer image vector path from a file.
Plotter cutting method enables to produce inexpensive bright stickers. This is economical and really practical choice for advertising design of showcases, billboards, vehicles, screen-making, bright inscriptions and plates. We will cut out of a vinyl film any picture you can stick to any surface (plastic, steel, glass, banner, etc.).


The most rapid and inexpensive way of application advertising on vehicles is covering them with pressure-sensitive film. With the help of adhesive labels you can “change” the colour of any surface area. Having applied plotter cutting-out, the ads are applied on the vehicles in the form of letters, logos, etc. Having printed a full-color image on the film with waterproof inks by a large-format printer and having protecting it with lamination we can make a piece of art of advertising on vehicles which additionally brings you money. The car body of the future “advertising” vehicle before pasting should be primed and painted.

Banners, cross street banners, posters and similar structures are considered to be a type of urban advertising. The larger the poster area is the higher it should be allocated to be human-readable and available for the eyes of as more as possible number people. “Madagaskar” employees will execute high-altitude advertising installation – hang a banner, a cross street banner or a poster as promptly as possible.

“Madagaskar” agency prints out the data on materials for foreside treatment, for this reason any foreside can be made colorful and original.

  • Development of layout originals.
  • Customization of customer’s files to get the required size.
  • Layouts visualization on site (windows, frontsides, interiors)